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900,00 €

pledged of 40 000 € goal

Support Us


900,00 €

pledged of 40 000 € goal

Support Us

Support Us!

If you are a private citizen, if you own a company, if you are a member of a research institution or an association, consider supporting us!


For privates:

If you are a private citizen you can support our projects by donating what you want.


In each country there are different tax benefits for the donors. Check yours out!


The following information is for Italian residents only.


If you are a private individual you can choose between:


– 30% detraction: the 30% of the total due IRPEF will be subtracted for donations up to an amount of 30.000 euros.


– 10% deduction: the reduction of the taxable income for the amount corresponding to the donation, if it does not exceed 10% of the net income.

For associations and no-profit organizations:

We are always searching for strategic partnerships in order to fulfill our projects and to spread knowledge. 


If you are part of an Italian or international no-profit organization, let’s collaborate!

For companies:

If you own a company or are into the direction board, consider supporting us in different ways.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to have a concrete social responsibility role, contact us!

Following information is for Italian companies only: 


– Deduction of maximum 10% on net income. If the deduction exceeds 10% of the total net income, the excess can be deducted in subsequent years, up to the fourth one.

Become a volunteer!

If you are a professional or an interested person that want to make an impact, consider volunteering for us! 


We are searching for people that can help us in growing as association, in expanding our network, in finding new grants. We are open to different types of collaborations, searching also for philosophical and scientific contributions.

hfr-lab our skills

Dona il 5 per mille!

Donare il 5 per mille è molto semplice:

vai dal tuo commercialista o al tuo patronato/CAF e chiedi di inserire nella tua dichiarazione dei redditi il codice fiscale della nostra associazione Human Frontier Research Lab, che è C.F. 93080120202.

Per te non cambia niente a livello fiscale, per noi cambia molto! 

Thank you for your support!

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