Improving biophysical knowledge @ Biophysics & Multidisciplinary research in Medicine

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About This Project

Improving biophysical knowledge @ Biophysics & Multidisciplinary research in Medicine


The goal of this project is completing a theoretical model in the field of biophysics, and especially quantum biology, to explain some mechanism of our physiology.

Biophysics is a discipline that unites and combines two of the oldest sciences: physics and biology. Biology studies life in all its forms, from DNA to organisms as a whole, and describes the mechanisms by which living beings feed themselves, communicate, interact with the environment and reproduce. Physics studies the mathematical laws underlying natural phenomena and provides accurate predictions of the forces that compete in complex systems. Biophysics applies the methods and theories of physics to understand how biological systems work at various levels: molecular, cellular, organic and ecological.

Quantum biology is about applying principles of quantum mechanics and theoretical chemistry to biology. Many biological processes involve the conversion of energy for use in chemical transformations and are therefore, in essence, quantum in nature. These processes concern chemical reactions, absorption of light, formation of excited electronic states, transfer of activation energy, transfer of protons and electrons in many chemical processes, such as photosynthesis, olfactory phenomena, magnetoreception and cellular respiration. Quantum biology analyze and reveal the nature of biological processes that are fundamental to living organisms.

Biophysics and quantum biology are important in medicine because they offer an integrated vision of the human organism, considering not only the material and biochemical aspects, but also the energetic, organizational and informational ones. This vision allows us to better understand the mechanisms underlying physiology and maybe in the future diseases, being able therefore to develop new prevention, diagnosis and treatment strategies, also based on nano medicine

Multidisciplinary research is strategic because it allows us to address complex problems with a holistic and integrated vision, exploiting the skills and methodologies of different disciplines. In this way, new knowledge, innovations and solutions that wouldn’t be possible with a mono-disciplinary approach can be generated.

Multidisciplinary research also encourages collaboration and dialogue between researchers from different areas, stimulating creativity and open-mindedness, which are crucial for deep innovation and paradigm evolution.

The goal of this project is completing a theoretical model to explain some mechanism of our physiology. 

Our aim is first publishing research results in peer-reviewed journals, also collaborating with other international research institutes for its testing and improvement.

After that, our goal is to disseminate the results to Medical Doctors, scientists, health professionals and interested people, so that they are useful for the entire community.

Time target for project completion: 2 years for the first publication, and then to be implemented

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