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Building Networks @ Science & Medicine


The goal is building networks of molecules, symptoms, pathologies that see the organism as a whole.

This project innovates in the field of Network Medicine, a new discipline born in the United States between 2007 and 2011.

Network medicine uses network science to study and treat diseases. Network sciences analyze the relationships between the elements of a system, such as people, computers or cells. Relationships are represented by networks, which are sets of nodes (the elements) and connections (the relationships). Networks can have different properties, such as shape, size, complexity, which influence the behavior of the system.

Network medicine is based on the idea that diseases are not isolated, but depend on the biological networks that regulate the functioning of the organism. These networks are made up of molecules, such as proteins, that interact with each other and with the environment. Biological networks can be altered by genetic or environmental factors, which cause deviations from the normal balance. These deviations can lead to diseases, which in turn can affect other biological or social networks.

Network medicine seeks to understand the causes and mechanisms of diseases by analyzing biological networks and their interactions. Furthermore, it tries to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases by intervening on biological networks with drugs or other therapies. It also uses social networks and transportation networks to study the spread of disease among populations and to promote public health.

Network medicine is a discipline that changes the way of seeing medicine, from a reductionist approach to a systemic approach. Network medicine considers disease as the result of a disturbance of a complex and dynamic system, which involves different levels of organization, from the molecular to the social ones. It offers new opportunities for discovery and innovation for human health

The method we propose innovates in this field and can be fundamental both for understanding individual pathologies and the person as a whole, and for identifying transversal and systemic therapeutic targets.

Our aim is first publishing research results in peer-reviewed journals, also collaborating with other international research institutes.

After that, our goal is to disseminate the results to Medical Doctors, health professionals and interested people, so that they are useful for the entire community.

Time target for project completion: 1 year for the first publications, and then to be implemented

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