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Our mission

Our mission is to understand the logic and beauty of Life, studying its functioning and connections, making everyone participate through art.


We believe that the union between science, humanism and art is crucial, and we work towards radical innovation, with the Human Being at the centre.


We study the organic networks of processes that govern us, in health and disease, in order to help doctors and scientists make diagnoses, understand “what is happening” throughout the body at a systemic level, and find new therapeutic targets.


Then, we want to make these discoveries accessible to everyone, sharing our wonder.


Therefore, we are transforming these studies into innovative artworks, developing initiatives to involve the community.


We strongly believe in commitment, creativity, respect for Life, studying it with humility and amazement.


We feel we are at the service of people.


Our ultimate scope is improving the collective well-being.


We want to make the difference!

hfr-lab Who we are About us

Who we are

We are a group of passionate and enthusiastic people who want to make the difference!

We are doctors, scientists, health professionals, creative designers, lawyers, working together to make an impact.

Our Skills, Values &

Our main values are commitment, creativity, curiosity, respect and humbleness. 

We combine them with our main strengths, that are deep innovation, precision, critical thinking. 

We use all our resources to achieve our goals, making them available for the community, empowering individual and collective wonder and wellbeing.

We are open to new ideas, resources, collaborations, let’s go on together! 

hfr-lab our skills

President and Principal Investigator – Dr. Sara Diani

Dr Sara Diani MD Mantova

Dr. Sara Diani is a MD specialized in Systems and Integrative Medicine, Psychotherapy. She works with complex diseases and syndromes, both in the clinical setting and as a Medical Advisor.


She has 13 years of clinical experience in Italy and Germany. 


Her research interests cover a broad range of topics, starting from multidisciplinary research applied to Medicine, Complex systems and Network Medicine, Philosophy of Medicine and of Consciousness; Biophysical Modeling; Immunology applied to Chronic Diseases. She is driven, passionate, curious, and loves bold innovation.


She has always been passionate about exploring new items since she was a little girl, and she is continuing to pursue her journey.


She collaborated with different research groups as the Science of Consciousness Research Group at the Department of Developmental Psychology and Socialization Processes (DPSS) – University of Padua. 


She has authored several peer-reviewed papers and a book titled “Coherent Medicine – Systemic models for a more effective, human, individualized medicine”.


She is also a lecturer and a guest speaker at medical conferences.

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